Thursday, March 08, 2012

The $3 presidential suite- please...

So, the Boy King lowered himself (and drug Mooch along) to dine with some of the lucky ones who were brain damaged enough lucky enough to be chosen to hear the Arrogant One sound off on Himself all night.

Which brings up some questions I had, since I have to watch my pennies.

How did these lucky people get there from all over? Did they have to pay their own way? Did the DNC pay? Did our tax Dollars somehow get hijacked to get them here?

Why did they end up in a dive in the slums restaurant in a newly vibrant part of DeeCee instead of the White House? Dried up chicken from a steam table??? Yeah, well at $3 you're not going to get Wagoo Beef, or apparently any booze to make the evening go more smoothly.

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