Monday, May 09, 2011


Pissed has a post up that will (or might make you wish that you could) remenber back when common sense ruled instead of the statist zero tolerance policy that has gradually suffocated our way of life.
I remember those days where a cop would tell you to knock-it-off, or go home instead of ruining your life by hauling you off to jail for being a stupid teenager.

Which reminded me of this- which will never happen again. because cops aren't cops anymore, they're the storm-trooper inactive reserves.

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  1. Good morning :) thanks for the linky love. Its so true about being a teen in the late 70's into the 80's... WE got away with being young, the cops cut us breaks and we never busting on us (for the most part). Now the zero tolerance just throws everyone in the system, I'm sure part of it is the liability ( we were let go to drive home, when we shouldn't have been) and part of it is income generation ( getting all these kids into the system and taking their parents money) the more I look at it we have really lost the innocence of youth.