Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The U.S. Postal service,

always looking out for the welfare of their clients.
That's what they tell us anyway.

Susan Savage, an actress, went to check on Vickers after noticing old letters and cobwebs in her elderly neighbor's mailbox.

"The letters seemed untouched and were starting to yellow," Savage said. "I just had a bad feeling."

Where she was lucky she wasn't charged (yet) with breaking and entering-
After pushing open a barricaded front gate and scaling a hillside, Savage peered through a broken window with another piece of glass taped over the hole. She decided to enter the house after seeing a shock of blond hair, which turned out to be a wig.

Where she found the mummified corpse (THAT Mr. Smartest Negro in America is a corpse) of the actress who played the 50 foot woman of that classic "The attack of the 50 foot woman"-Yvette Vickers.

But even more strangely, even after almost a year- her space heater was running.
Which means she hadn't payed her bills for over a year, but nobody shut off her power.

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  1. (THAT Mr. Smartest Negro in America is a corpse)

    GOOD ONE!!! :)


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