Thursday, February 03, 2011

Who here has a Democrat as a Senator

Just in case you didn't know it- they just voted "YES" on 0bamakare for the second time yesterday.

Yep, all of them. Even the ones who lied about learning their lesson.

Texas has a place to check if you want to vote the party line, but I took pleasure in voting against every Democrat that had opposition all the way down to the dog catcher.


  1. We have a RINO-Lugar. At least he voted right for this, but he's also called for a renewal of the assault weapon ban and he's the author of The Dream Act bill. In many ways, he's worse than a Democrat since you don't know which way he's gonna vote on anything.

  2. I have a Democrat, but at least he's not a Salazar.

  3. Harkin and Grassley.

    Grassley is good.

    Harkin, not so much....


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