Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sunbathing in sunny south Texas

I was warm and sunny down here, so we took an opportunity to let the girls sunbathe.
Naturally, when you have two girls enjoying the sun, you have some washed-up jock in a bad toupee trying to chat them up.

I was experimenting with the phone cam.
If you want to turn the volume to max on everything- you can hear birds and the cat going "mip, mip, mip" about halfway through.


  1. That's cool! I assume the same position frequently with the return of sunshine and warm weather here recently :)

    I know next to nil about iguanas. We had a spell several years ago where we picked up several of them loose over a period of a couple of weeks (in different parts of town). I'm told that when males are sexually mature, they can be a handful and really get the urge to roam. They'll tear through window screens to get out and find the love of their life.

    All I know, is that tail can be pretty wicked when they are bigger. They can whip that bad boy around really hard and fast. It's like getting hit with a bat, repeatedly... and I had the bruises to prove it :)

  2. She's a pretty mellow little girl compared to some I've read about.


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