Saturday, February 26, 2011





Must be one of those people with an advance degree in something besides EDUCATION.

Like I said before- if your you're f*cking up in your job, you really shouldn't be bringing attention to it.


  1. Wow. That one doesn't have ANY excuse. Sad.

  2. An "advance degree"? If you're going to be grammatically snarky, it's always advisable to check your own work.

  3. I'll be kind and not even point out the glaring error in your next sentence. Makes it all the more impressive that you caught the "OUR".

  4. Wally I missed a "D" on the end of a word, where I come from that's called a 'typo'. I didn't completely use the wrong word.

    Besides I'm not part of a bunch of overpaid Unionists drawing national attention to themselves for getting paid to NOT teach 2/3 of their eighth graders how to read.

  5. I'm not arguing with the criticism of the teacher who wrote that sign. But even ordinary folks like you and me should know the difference between "your" and "you're".

  6. Ok, yeah. I'm getting lazy relying on spell check.
    You're right- my bad.


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