Friday, October 14, 2005

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  1. What kind of candy this year?- NO "good for you" stuff.
  2. Anything special to scare those panhandlers trick-or-treaters?
  3. Are you going to pretend you're not home?
  4. Your favorite kind of cosume?
  5. Your favorite scary movie?
  6. Your scarriest scary movie?
  7. Horror author?
  8. Scariest book?
  9. Best Halloween/horror story? (Yours or someone else's).
My answers
  1. Candy: Atomic Fireballs
  2. Scaring kids: girls plan on dressing up the dogs
  3. Not home: nope have "scary" dogs
  4. Costume: wimmin- VERY reveiling , , , guys-Yeah, you're (insert compliment here)!
  5. Fav. movie: The shining (or Christine)
  6. Scariest: Don't do alot of horror movies
  7. Author: Not alot of horror reading, either
  8. Book: Revelations has alot to think about
  9. Horror story: Came from a kids book by Alfred Hitchcock- about a haunted luxury suit on board a cruise ship.

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