Sunday, October 02, 2005

Well, the girls though we had ghosts

Maybe they're poltergiests.

The 14yr-old has been seeing a green patch on her ceiling sometimes at night. We put it down to somekind of reflection off the security light up the hill.

I guess we were wrong

I guess not only is he a ghostly eating machine, he's a terrible driver also.

The only licensed drivers in the house are myself and Mrs. Trainwreck. I don't drive the Montero because I don't particularly like it. She said didn't get too close to anything when she parked, and I don't remember seeing the NEW hicky yesterday. Our 17yr-old "would never think" of taking the keys in the middle of the night for a joyride.

Soooo, I guess Slimer got too close to the roof support post, and almost cracked the headlite housing along with scraping off the paint from the bumper (to)past the plastic fender flair. And, yes the white paint deposited on the truck matches the black mark on the white 4x4 post.

The 17yr-old isn't up yet, so we'll see if anything's admitted. But I just KNOW it was Slimer.

(I'd post a pic, but the cams batteries are dead, and we don't have any spare AAAs around.)

(UPDATE- When mom asked 17yr-old to come out and see something, she didn't look suprized at all- even though denying she'd done anything. The keys will now be stowed in our room.)

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