Friday, October 21, 2005

This'll p*ss off some Texas ex cheerleaders out there

And I hardly think the Libs will be able to connect their action with this effect.

Some of the big city Texas high schools are thinking- seriously- of doing away with Friday night football.

The reason:
A few school administrators, law enforcement officials and even politicians are considering breaking the time-honored tradition of Friday night games in the wake of recent shootings and fights in Richardson and Duncanville following contests there.

Although those incidents – which resulted in the shooting death of one teen and injuries to several others – occurred away from the stadiums and school district property, the fallout has forced some officials to think the unthinkable.

One of those is Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who said that he plans to talk with school officials in his precinct about playing games on Saturday mornings. State Sen. Royce West has similar plans and will meet Monday with some area police chiefs and superintendents to discuss safety issues at games and other school events.

Extreme violent behavour.

Ok, granted wherever you have kids and action there will be hasseling or fights.
Todays problems come from the non-enforcement of morals and standards from both PARENTS and schools.
That's right I put parents in a special class because THEy are the ones that are supposed to be looking out for the best of their kids. THEY are the ones who are ultimatly responsible (or used to be) for how their kids act in public.

I blamed Liberals for this earlier. They have been the ones in the vanguard of lowering standards of education and standards of conduct for the past 40+years. They are the ones who silence anyone who wants to keep morals and standards up- to try to protect the belief system that made America great.
Liberals have been defining deviancy, bad manners and self restraint down since as far back as I can remember. Yes, self restraint- the ability to control anger or frustration without resorting to violence or other destructive actions. The parents today are so ambivilent to the way their kids act because they're either browbeaten into acceptance or brainwashed by the Gov't schools themselves that they see nothing wrong with the way they act.

Now, another tradition is going down the toilet because people can't be expected to act as responsible human beings.

Ok, did I connect cause and effect?

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