Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Help our recovering troops-

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Buy a bloody arrow tip????

Ok, it's not up there yet.

I heard Shemane Nugent on the radio this morning, you may have heard of her husband. She was talking about visiting B.A.M.C. with Ted, and seeing the wounded. When she asked a mother what she could do to help, the mom mentioned the kids getting outside, but not being able to because of the strong sun here.

In order to help build a shaded porch for the recovering burn victims and amputees, she was talking about auctioning off the arrow that she shot her first deer this season with.

That's something I can and probably will help with, I can make BAMC a stop on the way home- I'm sure the could use a strong back and a weak mind.

After reading that greedy, selfish blog I posted about a while ago, I won't be willingly be sending my money that way again.

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