Saturday, October 01, 2005

This guy was worth a look as a possible vote getter

He's running as an independent for the 2008 presidential ticket.
I went to his website to take a better look. He says he's a centrist, and after looking at his issues page, I'll take a pass. I agree with some, but disagree with most of his ideas.

I'm a Conservative, I believe that people should be responsible for themselves. Let me keep MY retirement money. As far as abortion, it should be between the woman, her conscience and her Dr.- but it shouldn't be legal to have a partial birth abortion because mom can't fit into her prom dress. In dealing with other countries Teddy Roosevelt said it right, "talk softly and carry a big stick"(also be ready to cancel foreign aid). I want to see line item vetoes for ANY President. Although I'm a non-practicing Christian, I'd like to see more (positive)references to God, and less anti-social promotion. As far as Iraq and the mideast, we'll get out when it's stable enough- not on somekind of calendar date (it helps keep the enemy off balance).
As far as energy and reliance on foreign fuel- DRILL, build refineries and pipelines- THEN we can ease the red tape of the obstructionist environmentalists.

Ok, the rant is done.
I'll keep looking for someone I can vote for with a good conscience- whatever party, or color they are.

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