Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A copy of an actual letter I sent to Schneider Trucklines last night


Just an opinion from someone who shares the road with you people.
Your drivers really should be more image consious. I was entering I-10 westbount just east of San Antonio from Cr1518 at about 4:00Pm when over the overpass on I-10 came one of your trucks. This truck had NO other vehicles (exept me) withing at least half a mile. I saw him as I was comming up thew ramp, and unless he was blind, he saw me. I had to slam on my brakes and drive onto the grass to avoid him.
I used to drive for Arrow Trucking (maybe you've heard of them?) and I know it's not required to move for an onramp. Most truckers will move if there is room, however- this is general courtiousness (and good company PR- stops letters like this).
The driver of truck #33342 pulling trailer #549010 should be reminded about driver responsibility in avoiding preventable mishaps.

Thank you for allowing me to have my say.

Yep, ol' mother trucker had the entire interstate to himself, and couldn't move one lane over.

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