Saturday, October 15, 2005

Are you getting tired of hearing all about the Iraqi vote?

No? Me neither, that's because the MSM isn't covering it like they did the first one, any Iraqi terrorist attack, or anything questionable that American troops do.

Sure they have stories out ther, but it's pretty much one of these three two leads:

Bahgdad looses power to terrorists

Heavy security is needed

and, , , well that's about it, some dribs and drabs about prisoners detainees getting preferential treatment voting early, tribal bloc votes and did I mention the tight security?

Also, speaking of politics- who wants to guess which party was in power for 30+ years and wants to keep trowing a wrench into ANYTHING that might help their country ; because they're not now? You know, give a little to help the "poor" or even just NOT obstructing anything constructive because it *might* help the other party?

No it's not the Democrates this time, it's the
, the ones the Left is wanting back in power.

(UPDATE 9:20AM) Something I forgot to ad, maybe it should be another post.

If the sole aim of these "anti-war"activist was to get the U.S. out of Iraq, then it seems that they would actually work for a stable democratic (representative) government. Anyone who knows who the anti-war oganizers are, knows that the LAST thing they want is a stable democracy in the mid-east.

That being said, the fastset way to get the U.S. out of Iraq is to get a stable goverment up and running. Too bad that it'll free millions of Arabs, and threaten more despots and theocracies.

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