Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ya know I REALLY hate to defend Calypso Louie

But, , ,

It seems as alot on the right are trashing him by taking his words out of context.

Just like the Left did with Bill Bennett as the latest example.

What Farakahn said was:

"Well, I was in a tiny village in Mexico on the 17th of September, 1985. And I had a vision-like experience climbing a mountain there, on the top of which is a temple to the Mexo-American Christ figure, Ketso Quato. And one of these little UFOs came over that mountain and I was signaled from a group of persons to come. And I was beamed up into that small vehicle and carried to a larger vehicle, where I heard the voice of my leader and teacher, the Honorable Elijah Mohamed (search), saying. . ."

Ok, seems like everyone is dumping on him for saying that he DID get transported to a "mothership".

That's not right, he didn't say he got transported- he said he had a vision.
Taking the (snicker) 'vision thing' out of the quote changes the entire meaning.

Those on the right really SHOULD know about that- and quit taking the easy cheap shot.
They (the right) should know how hard it is to fight when the false statement(s) spread like wildfire, and how it really muddies the water (well except when the MSM decides to sit on the accusation) and distorts your meaning.

I don't have any love for him. As a matter of fact I pretty much detest all of what he represents -with the exception of his calling to blacks to be responsible (except when he says it's all whities fault) for their own wellbeing. He's a racebaiter, an anti-Semite, one of the "leaders" of the black community who actively try to keep them under their(his) control by gov't dependence and poor education, probably a socialist and hates what America stands for.

But, right is right- lets try to keep walking on the high road.

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