Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This is wrong in a funny morally wrong way

A group of German teenagers disguised as policemen to frisk the attendants of a beer festival in Munich. The teenagers pretended to be looking for weapons in the crowd of tourists, who came for Octoberfest in the capital of Bavaria.

They sighted the women they liked and gave a manual going-over. One of the victims of sex-swindlers complained to the police station on “a too intimate frisk” in the street.

After that, the real policemen figured out the teenagers and arrested them. Now all the three hooligans face the punishment for sexual harassment, indecent behavior and a pretension of being the personnel of law-enforcement agencies.

That was the entire article.

Ohh, yes- how awful that these juvenile delinquents would do this to those innocent women too bad I didn't think of it when I was that age, that's just entirly too much authority abuse, and sexual predation.

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