Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nothing today, I'm tired

Tired of the two hour round trip drive.

Tired of thinking about a 7 yr-old truck that developed a (Ithink) transmission hum when I had to slam on my brakes for that Schnieder truck.

Tired of playing in the dirt (although it doesn't pay too badly).

Tired of cooking (I want to eat what I like).

Tired of cleaning up after cooking.

Tired of watching two MumblegarbleKOFFkoff (since I'm in trouble anyway for not talking nice about certain family members).

Tired of shopping (If I don't we end up with all the name brands and about $30 more than I'd spend for the same amount) [She's a Brit, she doesn't know which store brands are good, or cr@p].

Anyway, you get the point.

I did get a job offer that involves travel- maybe I'll call him back and see what the pay and bennies are. Maybe that's what I need, some space. . .

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