Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I mentioned earlier that I was trying to sell the trailer

The real estate agent had two people interested and qualified to buy it. The trouble is- almost everyone has stopped writing loans for used trailers mobile homes.
My bank won't transfer the loan, and we had hell some problems getting this doublewide.
Dunno why, maybe they're ending up in Mexico, just like most stolen vehicles around here.

I was sitting on my toy today thinking, and I basically have three options
  1. Do some kind of "owner Finance" deal. The thing is, if we're not 'buying' it anymore- I don't want to have an unpaid loan hanging over my head. Even if someone else is paying for it.
  2. Keep renting it out. Since I'm getting all this over-time, we've got our noses out of the water- for now (till I start getting rain days). The bills are getting payed and we're able to start saving agin. It would be ALOT better if $150/week wasn't going into gas tanks. We're getting $500/mo for rent and paying $220/mo in mortgage -so it's not that much of a drain.
  3. Build a new house where the trailer is now. I could do it myself- but it would take forever, since I could only work on it over the weekend. It would go alot faster (and cheaper) if I used straw bale constructionthe banks would probably look favorably, since it would be built to Austins' Straw bale building code (caution- PDF).
I'll probably keep renting it out. The guy that's renting it now bought a house, but has a years contract. He just needs to cut the grass, that house is next to a hayfield anyway- and the grass probably needs to be baled.

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