Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh, look the French are throwing another strike

I guess the Socialists in Gaul are running up against the invetable human lazyness/greed.
They keep giving more goodies for less work and people are da-m well going to take it.

Well the gov't can't support the dead weight so much any more and is thinking about privatizing some of their industries.

French rail services face widespread disruption from Monday night as trade unions prepare for a one-day national public sector strike on Tuesday.

The strikers oppose government economic policies, including plans to privatise state firms, and complain that their purchasing power is being eroded.

Remember last week? Well maybe not, it DID happen in France:

Plans to sell off the SNCM ferry firm have already led to a week of unrest in the southern port of Marseille.

Company staff have gone on strike and other workers at the port came out in sympathy, stranding thousands of tourists on the island of Corsica for several days.

The government says SNCM is debt-ridden and on the brink of collapse, but it has already modified its privatisation proposals and now intends to retain a 25% stake.

Apparently tommorrow, they will take another mid week vacation have a transportation strike. It'll be Tuesday, so most Frenchmen shouldn't be too affected, since they only work two days a week anyway.

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