Sunday, October 02, 2005

I was just over at E-Bay Motors

Looking at motorcycles, and decided to look at econo-boxes since I can get a car with A/C for about the same price as a bike. Looks like the twin hurricanes have affected the offerings over at E-Bay. I could probably count the non truck/SUV's that are within 200 mi. of ZIP 78861 on one hand.

The whole reason I'm looking is the 100 mi. daily round trip. I want something economical; that's why I was looking at a bike. Makes sense, right- good milage and all. Exept that I'd be the only one that could drive it, and if wifes truck had to go in, she'd be S.O.L.
That and the fact that if I'm on my bike at work, and the teens (who will be getting their licenses' to drive) will probably need something. That something will NOT be my Dodge, OR moms 2005 Montero Sport(that we still owe 50+ months on).

I looked at the S.A. Express classifieds, and have alot of choice there, it's just dealing with the denizens of the Alamo City that is kinda worrying.

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