Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm finally done chasing wild geese

Actually tracing mobil home wiring.
We had two outlets in the master bath that didn't work and the outside outlets quit working, too.

I took the outlets I thought were on the same circuit apart and tried to find the feed. I found it in what I (as an Electrician) would have called the middle of the run-on the outside wall completely opposite the load center. I would have run it from the panelbox to the closest box, then on around the walls. Not in a mobile home, they want to run everything under the floor.

It took about a day of connecting, unconnecting and flipping breakers to get a wiring diagram of two rooms. AND since they wanted to run everything under the floor, I had to add a box under the sink to tie into a live switch for the two dead outlets. At least I didn't have to climb under the trailer(s) and dig through the insulation to get to anything.

All told about 10 hours of work -AND we have power and light at the paddock gate.

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