Monday, October 31, 2005

I'd like to ask my readers comments on this

Yep, I'm asking all three of you to read and comment.

Wife and I are having a "disagreement" on ummm,,,, to be delicate- 'shortcloths'.
We've had this go around before, and the girls have both heard it-I though it was settled.

I had to put the girls ( 14 & 17) cloths into the dryer Sunday.
After the first armload a piece (pair?) of anal floss fell onto the floor. I threw it away- it was small enough for the 14 yr-old. The next armload was another -whatever- on top, belonging to #17.

They both know that they were banned from wearing that slutty underwear.

All the females (except Meg-the-dog) are from England, and see nothing wrong with putting out a "DO-ME" message in their underwear. Because "It's comfortable" and "(tsk) guys don't even THINK of sex when they see these" and "It's nothing- I don't know WHY you're making such a big deal out of this."

My take- I'm a guy. I was a teenage guy- I KNOW what teenage guys are thinking about.
If I saw a girl; a EUROPEAN girl wearing that anal floss (or nothing- who can tell?), I know the first thing to come to mind would NOT be "Gee- she must be wearing that because it's comfortable." It would be something like "WOW! No panties, AND she's from Europe- where they have recreational sex at the drop of a hat. I wonder just how easy she is?"

Now the question.

Thongs: worn for comfort or advertising?

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