Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gov. Bill Richardson praises NoKorea of abandoning it's Nukes

Well he oghtta know about Nuclear energy as Bill Clintons Energy Secretary and NoKo's nuks for nothing program.

As one of the FEW Clintonistas to get out if D.C. without an indictment on him, he was also a prime apologist for the U.N. under that administration.

According to N.M. Governer Bill Richardson(D):
North Korea is committed to dismantling its nuclear weapons programme, an unofficial US envoy has said, after a visit to the capital Pyongyang.

Bill Richardson said he was "very pleased" with North Korea's willingness to make progress in six-nation talks.

Pyongyang has already pledged to abandon its nuclear weapons in an earlier round of the talks.

Mr Richardson, former US ambassador at the UN, said North Korea now wanted to focus on a civilian nuclear programme.

Hmmmm....... where have we heard something like that before?

Oh, yeah, it was during Bills' time in D.C.

The United States and North Korea signed an agreement on October 21, 1994, that offers North Korea a package of benefits in return for a freeze of North Korea's nuclear program. Benefits to North Korea include: light water nuclear reactors totaling 2,000 electric megawatts by the year 2003; shipments of "heavy oil" to North Korea (50,000 tons in 1995 and 500,000 tons annually beginning in 1996 until the first light water reactor is built); U.S. agreement to establish liaison offices as an initial step toward diplomatic relations; and a relaxation of the American economic embargo against North Korea. In December 1995, the United States and North Korea signed a supply contract for the light water reactors.

But, then- Leftist Socialists Commies being Commies:
The stepped-up pace in 1996 in the implementation of the nuclear provisions of the U.S.-North Korean Agreed Framework of October 1994 came to a halt in September 1996 because of a North Korean infiltration of commandos into South Korea by submarine. The commandos murdered several South Korean civilians. At the same time, evidence, albeit circumstantial, pointed to North Korean complicity in the assassination of a South Korean diplomat in Vladivostok, Russia. These actions were the latest in a succession of North Korean provocations that were contrary to the peace and security provisions of the Agreed Framework, which calls for improved security on the Korean peninsula and negotiations between North Korea and South Korea. The R.O.K. (Republic of Korea) government responded by demanding that North Korea apologize for the infiltration and guarantee that it will commit no further provocations.

Which somehow, naturally was our fault that the aid stopped, and Bill Richardson needs to step in and polish his name for , , , ohhh maybe the 2008 election cycle.

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