Saturday, October 22, 2005

The TV is on for background noise

Am I the only one that finds the Earthlink commercial with the goblins, giants and faries kinda creepy?

Also thinking about ads I wouldn't spend my money on.

The radio commercial for Izuzu. I'm old enough to remember Joe Izuzu and the fun they had with the Izuzu brand. Now, they've taken the low road with their ads.
(As a quick background- Mitsubishi has ther spokesguy who kinda sounds like McGruff with a soft N.Y. accent)
Now Izuzu has found McGruffs deadbeat unclein the gutter, and got him to slag-off on any kind of competitor they can think of Ford Explorer, Jeep, Mitsu, RAV4, you name it. He's got a grating, irritating voice and accent- and a vile on-air personality. The ad agency must get this bum likkered-up on the cheapest, roughest rot-gut they can find to get that "cutting edge" , , , , , ummm, , , "edgieness".
I would NEVER spend the money they want to someone who puts out an ad like that.

And Buger King- if that plastic faced creep ever shows up at casa Trainwreck, everyone agrees that he's going to have bullet holes in him. If I don't do it, the girls will.

And last but not least- Quiznos has Bob the babe magnet wich is alot better than the previous east coast "hipness" of the mummified rats that couldn't sing. (Mrs. Trainwreck still won't eat there- she wonders what happened to the two rats)

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