Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is there somekind of D.O.S. attack going on?

Wife said that they lost their DSL several times today. My connection right now is 9.6K, which is better than most of the evening at 4.2K- my mail wouldn't even load up.

Or, maybe I could still blame SBC.

(UPDATE Oct 19 7:55PM)

I guess Mrs Trainwreck is going to miss half a day tomorrow. We'll leave the ferocious Bodus and the Magnificent Meggy inside- ANd the gate open, since the overzealious and ever conciencious SBC union stooges won't even slow down if they can't just drive in. She'll have to let them out, since they're not used to being inside for eight hours at a stretch.

Thanks SBC. We'll be short this pay period because YOU and your highly paid union thugs can't keep your system to a second world standard. I looked at their lines today, the black plastic spliceboxes you see everywhere else are black plastic BAGS- here!

We had Verizon in Maxwell- NEVER had a problem *AND* we payed less for two lines than we're paying SBC for one.

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