Saturday, October 01, 2005

We just sent the 14yr-old off somewhere

We still don't know where; it's "a High School that sounds like
it's a college, kinda close to Castroville." said she

Me: Incarnet Word?
Her: No, that doesn't sound like it.

Me: It's a H.S. on the south side?
Her: yes,,, but I'm not sure where.
Me: Kennedy?
Her: No,,,,
Me: San Antonio Academy?
Her: Ummm,,,, almost, but I forgot to write it down when she told me.
(note- we've been trying to find out since Tues. where she's going)

Me: Ok, next time have her print out a flier so we know Who, What,
When and Where.
She: She doesn't have time, she teaches (something) in middle school!
Me: She can't get to a COMPUTER- with WORD- at a HIGH SCHOOL??????
Me: and print it out???
She: Well,,,, I think she may be low on paper, , ,
Me: A***, I Know how much money that School District has, they are
NOT hurting for supplies.

Me: Tell her, next time she has one of these hairbrained ideas, to
print out a flier so that parents ACUALLY know where the
so-called adults are taking you kids. She is SUPPOSED to be a
professional, with some kind of college degree, and a
responsible adult.
Me: Tell her next time we don't have something in writing- you're
not going!
Her: I can't tell her THAT! I'm 14, she's a teacher.

ummmm. . .

Me: Ok, you're right. Thanks for reminding me. I'll send something
to the Principle.
Her: Can I have the $10 for lunch? I'll bring back change.

What's griping me about this, is that ever since she got into this
colorguard/band thing they've been Nickle and Diming us to death.
First it's uniforms- ok they need that, then

* shoes
* black spagetti strap top
* sports bra
* gloves
* pants
* color coordinated make-up, , , with glitter
* every away game a present for her "secret friend" (the
teachers idea) and food money
* gym shorts
* I can't remember what else- actually, it's something "else"
every week

I and her mother don't mind so much- it's just that we want her to
have some kind of ADULT supervision.

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