Sunday, October 30, 2005

I keep hearing about Scooter Libby

I don't really care about that snip hunt they call the Plame outing.
I remember seeing her on the front cover of several magazines BEFORE she was "outed" by...

UMmmm, , ,

well, , ,

" we're not sure, but the Bush Whitehouse was involved AFTRE it was all over the MSM, so we'll go after them."

Now, Scooter Libby has been indicted for lying, falsehoods, mis-statements, faulty memory- you choose the word depending on which side you fall on.

Ok, what I remember is that a former president, his wife, and most of his people got away with a HELL of alot more than just "lying" by 'not remembering' what they were being asked about. One prominent member was charged with Perjury for helping an intern lie in a deposition.

Now, the very SAME people who were tripping all over themselves for camera time to defend blatent, baldfaced improbable lies are trying to find the high road by wailing and gnashing their teeth about the other party being in the same situation as they used to be; by calling for resignations, and appologies.

Is there ANY honor in the DNC any more?
Did anyone over there FINALLY remember who hired Craig Livingstone (of the 1,000+ FBI files)?

If they were so worried about CIA agents being outed, maybe they should look at Sen. Kerry for calling a REAL covert agent by name on the Senate floor, instead of chasing after a glorified secretary who hadn't been officially out of the country in 7 years.

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