Monday, October 03, 2005

Everyone else is weighing in on Harriet Miers

I guess I'll put in my two cents.

I'm hearing about her lack of judicial experience- so? Does that mean she won't uphold the Constitution?
I'm hearing about her lack of any kind of "history"- doesn't bother me.

She's a fundamental Christian- good we need more of them.

What bothers me is what Bush's people are saying. "Just trust him"

TRUST HIM???? Are you nuts? Every time the Left starts jumping and foaming- he rolls over and gives them what they want. The only thing I trust George W. Bush to stand firm on is the G.W.T. Everything else is nothing but Left leaning Libera Appeasement.

Trust him- chit.

Trust him- my tax bill.

Trust him- to expand Medicare by the Rx drug scam.

Trust him- to cave on Soc Sec reform.

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