Thursday, September 01, 2005

Have you seen what's going on over in Mogadishu N'awleens?

Chrips it looks like something you'd see in a third-world country.
Now they're shooting at rescue helicopters!

Is there a reason to even keep trying to save anyone?

Is there a shoot-to-kill policy for the cops? There needs to be.
The rescue helicopters need an armed escort, now- and the first shot at them needs to have everything leveled withing 200 YDS of the victim.

I'm seeing these animals roaming around, and they want me to pony up the cost of rebuilding that zoo?
Fix the seawall, dewater the place and let those animals have the thing, only ones in are the same kind of people. "Escape from N'awleens" anyone?

They aren't Americans, they'r sh*t!

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