Thursday, September 29, 2005

We've got a little bit of hype over here

See, N'awlins got it'self all flooded out, and the Superdome isn't able to host any NFL games for a while.
So, San Antonio is going to try to show the NFL that it's a big enough dog to have it's own team. They volunteered to host the Saints for their home games. Yep, the San Antonio Saints.
Problem is that Paul Tagliabue pisses all over S.A. when they first asked about hosting a team. Then the Alamo City provided practice facilities for the NFL refugees.
Mr. Tagliabue sent a letter of "thanks" to San Antonio, which ticked alot of sportsfans off.

Last I heard the Saints first San Antonio home game is like 14,000 tickets shy of even beating the local blackout -and not even close to a sellout. But the NFL in all their maganimity is going to show all three games here.

If I were some kind of capitalist, I'd be trying to capitalize on this season in souvenirs. But I don't have the contacts to get something going. SIGGgghhhhh.

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