Sunday, September 04, 2005

Houston, you may have a problem

I was watching my 24" auger bit try to grind itself through 4 feet of rock yesterday, and my mind started to pop up with things about these evacuees. Your mind wanders alot when it takes about 3 hours to make a 4 foot deep hole.

Last I heard, Texas was looking at around 250,000 residents of LA. I know Houston, San Antonio and DFW are looking at somewhere around 100,000 combined, mostly from N'awlins.

I know the neighborhoods of the Astrodome and KellyUSA- which is the first part of the problems. They are both on the seedier part of town, I don't know where DFW is putting them, but I doubt they'll be in a rich area.
  • I can see ALOT of gang violence and crime as the locals and the new ones determine their pecking order.
  • What about schools? That's ALOT of kids to farm around even for big cities like they are. OK, Texas isn't the top of the list for education cred, but I'm sure there will be quite a few new students repeating a grade when the teachers find out how, , , , , limited their learning is. The upper classes will be graduating from Texas schools, that's football, B.ball, cheerleading, band etc- and nobody brought or can afford to buy what they need.
  • Cars? Sooner or later they'll(adults) be wanting to be able to go places on their own. They'll be getting vehicles, and when demand increases, so do prices, parts and accessories, too- Mother's, ya hear that?
  • Jobs? Most of the displaced are actually working class people who will be looking for a job to help get themselves back on their feet as soon as they can- good on them! The problem is that they aren't from the most prosperous state, and would most likely be willing to take what is offered- paywise. This could bring them into conflict with another group of
    wage anchors
    will work for pretty much anything.
  • Who are these people, actually? Are they really who they say they are? Alot of them could use this event to get a new identity, forget old obligations and criminal records. NO, I'm not saying the majority- but some will, it's human nature.
  • The tremendous increase in demands on social services from health to crisis intervention, child care, basic necessities.
  • Housing. Most of the normal and honest people will want to get out of the human warehouses as soon as they can, what will that do to the housing/ rental market?

There are plenty of others that I thought of and forgot, I've slept since then.

I hope someone in charge is thinking about this, and not going to be surprised when the inevitable happens. But seeing some of the response from various Govt' branches, I'm not getting my hopes up.
Oh, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the rest of the self appointed "Black Leadership", you need to step up and tell YOUR people (since 65% of LA N'awlins is black) to start acting like civilized adults.

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