Sunday, September 25, 2005

I was just over at Texas Blogs

And seeing the blogs listed in San Antonio, I understand why they keep voting for the leaders they do.

B and B
Et Cetrea, And so on
Express-News watch
Just Another Blog
Rhetoric and Rhythm
They won't find a place on my blogroll because we're on the opposite side of the aisle- not that they're as bad as Koz, Atrios or the D.U. It's just that people like to be comfortable with those they hang with. I guess that makes me some kind of prejudiced (your Latin word here)phobe.

These two didn't do much for me.
Dagneys Rant
Rosco Ellis

And I don't golf
Texas Golf

I try not to help pay for the money wasted by the pols in S.A. or Bexar county; the Montero was bought in San Marcos, and I made sure that the house wasn't in Bexar co.

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