Friday, September 23, 2005

I've heard about the Rita evacuation

And everyone seems to want to credit Kate and the bad example N'awlins set.

Maybe it wasn't THAT so much -as that in Texas we have plans, and actually USE THEM instead of studiusly ignoring them.

Also it helps to have adults in charge.

(UPDATE Sept. 23 9:22)
I guess some people wouldn't agree that it went well, especially those that had people in the evacuation, or were there themselves.

Granted, alot of things need to be changed. The roads could have been reversed alot sooner- but that takes coordination from all affected jurisdictions.
As far as communications go- I don't know. Who's responsibility is it that a PRIVATE cellphone company be able to field an astrinomical increase in calls in an unpredictable timeframe? I'd hate to get the FEDS involved any more deeply than they are already.

Also, plans are just plans. You have to take some wild @ss guesses sometimes. You can't just pull a "practice" evacuation of the entire gulf coast to see how things work.

The powers that be will have an after action briefing and see what and how they can do better next time.

And I garontee you that next time what they fixed this time won't have ANY bearing on the problems that will come up during the next one.

HEY, at least the cities DID evacuate- not like a certain "special" city that I'll not mention.

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