Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well, I guess that hazardous soup wasn't as bad as we were told

If it were anywhere near as bad as untreated sewage, gasoline,all the higher hydrocarbons from the refineries, the chemicals from the docks, etc. that we heard was in the water- and the EPA cared; N'awlins would have had to at least hose down before anyone came back.

But the way I understand, the EPA isn't saying a thing about anything that went on in the Big Easy. If it were St. Bernards Parish (mostly white) that got that water- people wouldn't be able to use it for years.
BUT N'awlins is 'special' it's pumped dry and ready to reoccupy. No decontamination mentioned.

George Bush must REALLY hate blacks. Think of all the hazards he is willing to visit on those people.

(we won't mention the Mayor, or the Governess who might make some kind of a mention of the poison- if they actually CARED about those people.) I wonder who will stand up for them. Jesse? Al Sharpton? Calypso Louie?

Awww h*ll, they're just black democratic votes- not like we actually ought to CARE about them, right?

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