Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sorry, suffering from TMI
or too little- actually.

We somehow had a sinnet rope eye on the 'dangle digger'go south on us the other day.
I *KNOW* there is a way to splice it, but can't remember how- I've used them (the repaired ropes)before.

The way I remember them doing it was to unbraid the rope and collect the strands into six parts.
Six stiff wires are threaded through the bight to the end, the yarns are attached to the wires and pulled back and made (tied) into three pairs.

What I can't remember is *HOW* they replaced the chafing (protective woven) cover. If it was pulled through, too- or sewn to the bight of the other?

None of the internet is much of a help. I either get the boy scout knot sub-web or referred to
Ashley's Book of Knots
, Thanks, have it, looked there first; they didn't have factory made chafing sheaths on their ropes back then.

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