Saturday, September 10, 2005


According to Dean Esmay I could put down some kind of College degree I never earned, since nobody checks out a resume anyway. Stupid me, I never thought that I could get away with something like that. I always thought that "hey, there are records they can check- they'll know I'm lying".

I guess not. Maybe my next resume update will include a VoTech degree, and I can build on that!
Pretty soon I can be the next Ward Churchill- except that I don't clam a bogus Indian heritage (guess that goes along with the non-check on the education), and I'm not a flaming anti-American hatemonger.

I dunno, if I overstuff pad my resume, and get into the kind of company I want- they WOULD check, not like say the US Govt', Baush and Lomb, Veritas software or some other fly-by-night company who just assumes that what you put down, you have.
Sure I padded my resume, if you don't your cutting yourself out of some good jobs; besides most employers KNOW you expanded on your experience or education a little- that's a given.

What I find so surprising is that nobody even makes a call to the college and asks "Hey, we have this guy person that says he graduated from y'all- can you find any records on him? Thanks, there's a $2000 debit card thank-you in the mail for your trouble."
I can lie all over my resume (for a high profile job) and I'd get less scrutiny than I do running a $120,000 power auger.

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