Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well, I got the eye made

I wanted to do it right, but didn't have close to the tools or experience to resplice an eye in 1 1/2" sinnet braided rope, with a chaffing sleeve.

I got the inner sinnet (the strong rope) about a foot up inside the standing end (the long side) and couldn't get anymore. I wormed the outer covering overwith stranded #14 wire, since I couldn't even get it started backtracking it's self.

I'd take a picture, but it looks like cr@p, and I don't need OSHA seeing it either- if you know what I mean.

I tested it on a 100cfm Ingersol-Rand Compressor and after the slack worked out it held when I jerked it around, so I guess it's safe to set light poles. I wouldn't use it for hanging 100KVA transformers anymore, though.

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