Sunday, September 04, 2005

Jenni has an update on Katrina relief up in DFW

She wanted to help and ended up at one of the shelters on DFW.
She lets you know what's going on in one of the shelters up there.

After talking to my friend about her experiences volunteering yesterday, I was determined to head down there last night. All the stress energy in my body had to have an outlet and helping was the only thing I could think to do. I once again got B situated and headed downtown to try to help out. I got down to Reunion Arena only to be told that they "closed" at 9. Um, okay, whatever that means. I later found out that they actually locked up the arena at night so the volunteers were heading home. I was referred to the convention center because it has the overflow housing. So I headed that way and found a completely disorganized and chaotic volunteer operation. I quickly made friends with another stong person and we jumped in with both feet and started trying to help out. It was getting to be bedtime, so we helped carry the smelliest stankiest stuff I've ever smelled back with the people to the cot area. (I tell you right now with all sincerity that is the absolute worst smell I've ever smelled in my life. Take a street wino and mutiply it by 20, no kidding.) Then we found out that they were out of blankets and bedding so we asked if some couldn't be brought over from Reunion Arena. People had been dropping stuff off all day long and there were literally mounds of things like clothes, shoes, baby stuff, bottled water, food. Anyway, no one had the number to the people over there and blah blah blah so my new friend Chris and I went over there to see if there was bedding. After we figured out where the bedding lived, we saw there was quite a bit there and we should get it back over to the convention center.

You're a good hearted woman Jenni, keep up the good work.

And as an aside to J Ma: I didn't respond to one of your commentators injecting her liberal anti-Bush kant into your blog because it's your blog, and you try to keep politics out. I respect that, and being as I'm not a Lib- I don't feel it's my right to inflict my opinions where they're not asked for.

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