Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sorry, you enviro-wiennies- it's NOT global warming

We all know that the environmental movement, and their Liberal enablers will(have) blambed these two gulf coast hurricanes on GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE.

Ummm, sorry guys. The head of the Nationa Hurricane Center says it's a continuation of actual weather cycles!

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The current cycle of heavy hurricanes blowing across the Atlantic Ocean probably will continue for another 10 to 20 years as a result of natural weather patterns not global warming, the head of the
National Hurricane Center told the US Congress.

"We believe this heightened period of hurricane activity will continue ... as tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic is cyclical," Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, said at a congressional hearing.

Another three to six tropical storms, which could turn into hurricanes, are expected to strike before the end of 2005, making a total of 18 to 21 for the year, Mayfield said.

He dismissed the possibility that global warming could be playing a major role in the growing number of tropical storms.

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