Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, it happened on "W"s watch

I can't find it on the web- yet, but we're being invaded by the Mexican army today.
They're pre-running their invasion rout bringing needed relief supplies to San Antonio.

more later- I'm running late

(UPDATE 9:20PM ) Looks like they're heading up to the Big D.
They have their flag flying and water purification machinery for the refugees- since ya know OUR water isn't fit to drink.

Sorry, I just can't take this PC B.S. about letting the MEXICAN Army in here for a "humanitarian" mission. I'm sure there serious (in a way), but O just can't take this thing seriously.

The Mexican Army.
I didn't know there was enough of their people affected that Bush would need allow them to supplement more of our tax dollars.

The Mexican Army.
And they didn't even stop to savor their LAST military victory in San Antonio.

The Mexican Army.
When will Mexico City start paying the freight on their citizens up here, you know instead of hurricane relief some TAXPAYER relief?

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