Monday, September 05, 2005

Jenni brought some friends back from the shelter today

I Assume that our DFW guests are at the Convention Center and at Reunion Arena.
She and Barry went down to see what they could do.

We started at Reunion Arena where the Salvation Army had finally cut off donations because there was such a volume of stuff. After quickly realizing there were plenty of volunteers there, we headed over to the convention center.

As soon as we walked up to the volunteer entrance Barry was immediately ushered inside and I was made to wait in line. We had our cell phones on us so we knew we could keep track of each other and it was all good. As it turned out, they were getting ready to organize the showers and they needed men to help out with the male showers. They had portable showers set up outside the arena for the men and the volunteer guys were helping everyone get in and out of there and assisting however they were needed. Once they let the girls in, I helped fold towels and get everything set up for the women to shower. The women's showers were on the second floor of the arena. By the time the women started getting up there to shower, there were so many volunteers up there that I decided to head back downstairs to see how else I could help.

She also gives a wonderful haircare tip. Isn't she wonderful, volunteers all day and gives fashion tips at night.

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