Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'm listening to FoxNews in the background

I haven't bothered to turn around, but it sounds like the babe-ish Kiran Chetry is doing the usual "be nice to everyone exept consrevative" MSM thing.

They're talking about N'awlins, and praising the holdouts survivors who stayed in spite of their ability to leave. Here they are, praising awed at the ability of these morons to live in 3rd world conditions by their own choice- instead of calling them a bunch of dumb-@sses.

Yes, it is Kiran.
Now it looks like we'll have to pre-position all the rescue forces in Fla, because of the way Ray Nagin fell on his ass there is a tropical depression heading toward the gulf, and we can't expect local goverments to actually PREPARE for a hurricane any more.

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