Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I wonder how BusHitler is going to explain killing a lake?

I just got back a little while ago and haven't had alot of time to look, but isn't N'awlins being pumped dry into lake Ponchitran?
I was listening to my new morning radio station KLUP 930AM, since I'm tired of the armchair Quarterbacking from the other talk stations.

Bill Bennett had a caller in the field of environmental remediation explaining the toxicity of the water in N'awlins. Basically it would be classified as a "Superfund Site"- if anyone remembers those. They're pumping that chemical and biological soup into an EPA protected lake
(it's not that they have much of a choice between swamps or the Mississippi)., and the EPA will be going apesh*t later.

Someone will have to answer for it. Anyone want to guess who'll be the target?

He(the caller) also said that everything the water touched will have to be treated like it was hazardous waste- boards, bricks, glass, rocks, etc, , ,

Given this thought, and the fact that the Big Easy is sinking between 1/2 and 3 inches per year- the question is "Why -aside from sentiment- should N'awlins be rebuilt in the same place?"
There will have to be some city there because of the river traffic. The city should be built on a less exposed area.

Tell the people who'll be getting FEMA money to rebuild that if you go to Neo New Oreans, they'll get an extra "something" the ones that rebuild on the old site get current value and a certified letter saying they forgo any further government money NEXT time they're flooded out.

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