Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More joblogging I'm afraid

Ok, is it job-blogging, joblogging or job blogging? Not sure if there's a consensus yet.

So far I've got 15 hours of overtime this week. We're working on the west side of S.A. so the boss let me take the haul truck home. Works for me, saves me an hour drive each way and saves about 6 gallons of gas. I dropped my tailgate and been driving around 65 MPH. I filled up today and a quick division job gave me 20MPG, about a 3MPG change fopr the better.
I'll still be glad when I can afford to get my 17 at 75MPH.

How. . . ODD, I was going to make a comment about my High Voltage direct buried cable NOT turning out to be Water Moccasins- BUT I keep getting a code 403 access denied over at Mostly Cajun

(UPDATE )- Aaaaiiiiieeeeeee dat coonass done got hisself fixed, he be right whar he done been at all along.

Ok, since we have so many here, I'm trying to get the thang about that coonass talk don ya KNOW!?

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