Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fifty F*CKING cents!!!

Can you believe the price of gas went up at all four I-10 truckstops by FIFTY cents per gallon???

Jesus H. Christ- those were the lowest priced stations until today.

I REALLY hope the greenies get their share of the blame for this mess.
All the obstructionalism for ANY increase or upgrades in our energy system.

Thanks California!
Thanks Florida.
Thanks W.
Thanks EarthFirst!.
Thanks Defenders of wildlife.
Thanks Environmental Defense Network.
Thanks Greenpeace.
Thanks Sierra Club.
Thanks RNC- and Congress and the Senate.
Thanks DNC- and ALL your mainstream supporters.

Need I go on?

I KNOW I won't be hearing anything exept that the problem is BusHitler's fault, and Halburton.

(Note- speaking of Halburton, which company do you think is one of the few with the ability to dewater N'awlins efficiently?)

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