Monday, August 15, 2005

More Trainwreck driving lessons

Ok, I know I've covered some of these before, but IF you listen, I won't need to do it again.

  • The speed limit sign is what it says, if there is a cop driving at 60 MPH in a 70 MPH zone,
    you will NOT get a speeding ticked for passing him! There are ALOT of people with guilty consciences out there.
  • When merging onto a limited access highway, you should be going approximately the same speed as the traffic- NOT 15 MPH slower. Ya see, when I start up an onramp, I've got my eye on an opening I want to ease into- that doesn't work when there's a 15-20MPH speed difference.
  • Yield means 'Yield to oncoming traffic' not STOP.
  • The octagonal red and white stop sign WILL NOT turn green to let you know that you can go.
  • At a 4 way intersection with stop signs- the person who got there First has the right of way, if TWO or more people arrive at the same time, the one on the right has the right, or if the driver in a large commercial vehicle (me) motions you to go through- GO!
  • Those broken white lines in the road are called "lane markers" that means you are supposed to keep your $70,000 Escalade between them. Yes, I know you think you bought the entire road- but you didn't.
  • A BIG truck takes ALOT of room to stop. Do not swerve in front of one and do something completely stupid.
  • If you try to intimidate me with your little F-150; just remember, my front wheel lugs make a damn good body panel wrecking saw and my back tires are easy to replace after they climb right over your bed, and cab, and hood. All I'll be out is time as I tell Officer Friendly how you caused the wreck.

Ok, kids you can now go back to torturing the teacher.

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