Saturday, August 27, 2005

Homeopathic medicine- The Lancet says it doesn't work!

Wow, what a surprise! Reuters (yeah, I know as truthful as cBS) says that according to the lancet, Placebos and homeopathic medicine have about the same cure rate. The always truthful Guardian also chimes in.

Who would have thought that diluting something until there was nothing left- except the "memory" wouldn't work as well as a full strength dose?

Let me get this straight. You take some medicine and "think" hard as you dilute it, and dilute it, and dilute it- until it's basically water with some kind of memory.
This water is supposed to have all the medicinal qualities you washed out of it.

If the water possesses a "memory" of what was in it, why doesn't it think it's whale poop?
I mean there was ALOT more whale poop weight-wise than the medicine you diluted until it was gone.

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