Thursday, August 25, 2005

Yes, I'm still here

Just wondering if I want to get into the "slave reparations" thing.

I was listening to the "Mayor of Commonsenseville" during the drive home tonight. He had a local ummm "spokesman" for the tenth anniversary of the 'Million Man March". I went to their site, but Mark doesn't have anything up (that I can find) about what happened today on his show.

Ya know, WOAI 1440AM you ARE a big radio station, I think you can afford the bandwidth to let each show give a synopis of what they did that day (or week)and that way if someone hears something interesting, they can get there from your site. WOW, think of the hits- instead of having to search Yahoo (I don't GOOGLE- not liberal enough).

Anyway he had this black guy on (don't remember the name- no links at the WOAI site) who was TRYING to give reasons for [GAWD yes] reparations.
I know this blog is amateurish, I am an ammature. I don't go out in public and act like I'm some kind of official spokesman. This Black guy- lets call him MR.X - seemed like he was pulling facts, history and statistics out of his rear end.
Mr. X didn't know his history; assuming the War of 1812 was the Spanish -American War.
He used alot of very large words which his education couldn't back up. I don't use unnecessary big words. I write like I talk, I don't try to make you think I'm smarter than I am, because I know you'll be able to see through the verbiage, and know I'm talking out my @ss. Too bad no-one ever told Mr. X that.

Mr. X went rattling on about how the Blacks are in the shape they're in today because their great, great, great, (great?) grandparents were slaves; and how a lump-sum-payment now would fix everything. He also mentioned the Jews getting payed (didn't say from who) and the Alaskans -He said the Indians(?) were payed for the troubles they had. UMMmmm Mr. X, they get payed from OIL REVENUES the state collects.

I had to turn the radio off to air out my truck- if you know what I mean.

When I turned it back on, Mr. X was on the tired old 40 times more blacks in prison than whites. Jeff asked him how the "reparations" would stop that. Mr. exess verbiage didn't have an answer except to stop "racial profiling( if I remember correctly), and went off on a tangent about --you got it--racial profiling.

Like I said, I'm not sure I want to get into the reparations thing- just the questions of who will pay (us of course) to who? ( all blacks? blacks who can prove their lineage? slaveholding blacks? I know a couple blacks who's kin were slaves in Jamaica- who pays for them?)
Why me? My kin was still in Germany during the Civil War.

As far as black society, there was a large (lower) middle class with a mom, dad and kids who went to church, school and work - all the way up to the "Great Society" when the Gov't took over for the family.
You want to know the root of the Black problem? Look at Prez. Johnson. Look at the role models you have today. Look at your attitude to bettering yourselves- it's NOT a white thing to get ahead-it's an AMERICAN thing.

Sorry, ran into another rant.

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