Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy VJ Day Marines- you earned it

And the Navy Too.

Pearl Harbor

The Army was there, too

The Bataan Death March

'Nuff said


Macarthur returns to the P.I.

Iwo Jima


President Truman decided to use atomic bombs against Japan to save American lives. His decision was supported by most of the men who would have had to risk death by invading the Japanese home islands. As Paul Fussell, a former U.S. Army infantryman in Europe said in "Thank God for the Atom Bomb"

"When the atom bombs were dropped and the news began to circulate that we would not be obligated in a few months to rush up the beaches near Tokyo assault-firing while being machine- gunned, mortared and shelled we broke down and cried with relief and joy. We were going to live. We were going to grow to adulthood after all. "

Japan surrendered on August 14, only eight days after Hiroshima and five days after Nagasaki. Formal surrender ceremonies took place September 2, 1945 on the USS Missouri, in Tokyo Bay.

U.S.S. Missouri- Japan surrenders unconditionally

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