Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ok, lets see about gas mileage

I'll try to type slowly so that the ones that NEED to read this can understand a little of it.

Ok, lets start with basic auto mechanics. That pedal below your right foot can be in any position besides "idle" and on the floor.

The faster you go from a standing start to 30MPH uses alot more gas than going from stopped to a moderate acceleration. If you go slow, you save gas, too. You REALLY ought to try this next time you're in a f'ing PARKING LOT.

Here's something else you might not know, if you take your foot out of the carburetor when you see you're gaining on a group of cars- the car will ACTUALLY slow down before you have to slam on your brakes inches from my back bumper. Just to let you know- people don't care how important you think you are- they WON'T scatter like quail when they see you overtaking them.
Not that I'd mind you running my D.O.T. bumper OVER yours and through your radiator and up your hood- I'm worried about my li'l pick-up.
If you work your right foot, letting the car slow down before you actually have to panic stop you can save gas AND brake pads.

Something else that helps save gas is rolling up your windows. You have a 2005 Neon, you HAVE air conditioning, you have to order it specifically without. If you roll up your windows you save what the experts call "wind drag" PLUS I won't have to hear your damn radio.

Ok, and just for kicks, try running your tires at or above the recommended pressure- or put the original size back on. Would you rather be "stylin" with those HotWheels looking tires, or getting 5MPH better per gallon?

Ok, done for now- I'll be glad for additional hints in the comments.

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