Sunday, August 21, 2005

I haven't seen a whole lot on the Israeli withdrawal in my normal haunts

I don't know if it was the right decision. As I wrote in a comment to another blog (can't remember which) that mess is so effed-up that you need to be a full time puzzle master to decipher it.

The way I understand it is when Israel was created (in their ancient homeland-predating the Palos) the Palestinian people walked off. Then in the spirit of that vaunted muslem brotherhood of suicide terrorists- no arab offered an inch of settlement space in the vast wastelands of their deserts.

NOW Israel has (I dunno) gotten tired of cleaning up after animals and decided to leave the mess to them. That is supposed to make the palistinian terrorists happy, right? "Ohhh boy, we won, lets stop attacking Jews" . Right? Wrong.
These animals won't give up as long as there is one Jew still living. These are the terrorists that Cindy Sheehan wants to help. That the U.N. wants to give a seat to. That Hollywood and the Left support. That MSM make any excuse they can for the killing and maiming of innocent women and children.

I hope the displaced settlers did a scorched earth thing on that garden they made in the desert. Including hydraulic cement in the sewer pipes (not that the Palestinians would know about indoor plumbing), so that they leave what they came to.

What do you think those hyper sensitive religious fanatics will do with the abandoned synagogue and cemeteries? Treat them with the respect they demand from a book written by a bloodthirsty slavetrading pedophile? No, they'll probably use them for "personal hygienic" functions just like they used Jewish gravestones in Bethlehem for urinals.

The next time the "Religion of Peace" sends over a suicide terrorist, Israel ought to level the entire region.

And I'm only going to mention the two American ships running away by saying THAT's what causes those mohammedans to attack- just like dogs chasing a rabbit. "It's running away- lets go get IT!"

(Update Mon. Aug 8) Sorry sbout the disjointed rant.

That mideast crap usually doesn't upset me so much- I figure Let em kill each other off, they deserve what they've got. Exept for the Jews, ya know - the way they manipulate world events to get sympathy, look how they manipulated the Nazis into killing over 6 million of them, just so they could get their ancesteral land back. I mean geeze, THAT IS sneeky. Umm, right Cindy?

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